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Page updated - 22/02/2008

This is archived Software considered useful for information or tuning/tweaking...
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H. Oda - Chipset / CPU Tuning
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Package Date


Size / Type



25 Apr 1999

WCPUl2 V1.6

45k ZIP

This Program allows to modify the L2 cache latency of :
Intel Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium II Xeon, Celeron...
Result : higher CPU Performance when latency is reduced!

25 Apr 1999

WPCRset V1.2

60k ZIP

This Program is needed to make tweaks found
working in
WPCRedit permanent...
Allows for Registers to load entered Values at Boot...

25 Jul 1999

WPCRedit V1.2a

63k ZIP

Allows to modify ANY Chipset Register
All changes are done in realtime...
Contains support for : i430TX, i440BX, i810

01 Apr 2004

WPCRedit V1.4

57k ZIP

Modify ANY Chipset Register, all changes are done in realtime...
Source :

03 Dec 2000

Additional WPCRedit Config Files

55k ZIP

Additional .pcr Files for WPCRedit, Enables Support for :
i430FX, i815, i820, i840, VIA Apollo Pro, VIA KX133, VIA KT133

21 Apr 2001

WPCRedit Data for AMD751 Irongate
by FalconFly

1k ZIP

This is a textfile that contains tuning Information for the
AMD 751 Irongate for use with WPCRedit/WPCRset


04 Oct 2001

VIA KT266 WPCRedit Config File
by Planet3dNow!

6k ZIP

Additional .pcr File for WPCRedit
Enables Support for : VIA KT266

Source :

27 May 2001

WCPUid V3.0a

164k ZIP

Nice Utility for Information and Tweaking

09 Jun 2001

WCPUid V3.0b
AMD Athlon L2 Cache Speed Plugin
AMD 751/761 Bypass Mode Plugin
AMD K6-2+/K6-III+ Multiplier Plugin
Intel L2 Cache Latency Plugin
Intel Processor Serial Number Plugin
Realtime Clock Checker Plugin

187k ZIP
17k ZIP
17k ZIP
18k ZIP
18k ZIP
17k ZIP
24k ZIP

Version 3.0b
Modifies Athlon Classic L2 Cache divider
Enables Super Bypass Feature
Allows realtime Multiplier changing
Tweaks L2 Cache Latency
Allows to Disable the serial number
Accurately displays Realtime CPU Clock

22 Jul 2001

WCPUid V3.0c

221k ZIP

includes all Plugins

10 Sep 2001

WCPUid V3.0d

222k ZIP

includes all Plugins

01 Jan 2002

WCPUid V3.0f

223k ZIP

includes all Plugins

03 Jun 2002

WCPUid V3.0g

229k ZIP

includes all Plugins

13 Aug 2002

XCPUid V3.0g+ (Linux)

135k ZIP

Linux Beta Release

28 Sep 2002

WCPUid V3.1

235k ZIP

includes all Plugins

21 Dec 2002

WCPUid V3.1a

227k ZIP

includes all Plugins

01 Apr 2004

WCPUid V3.3

227k ZIP

includes all Plugins


Various - Chipset / CPU Tuning
Package Date


Size / Type



05 Jan 2000

AMD 751 Super Bypass Enabler

6k ZIP

Enables Super Bypass on AMD 751 based Systems only
Use under MS-DOS only,does not run in a Win DOS-Box
This is best placed in the

05 Aug 2000

4way Memory Interleave Enabler

39 Bytes

Enables 4way Interleave on VIA based Motherboards only
Use under MS-DOS only,does
not run in a Win DOS-Box
This is best placed in the


21 Sep 2003

CheepoMemTweak Utility
for SiS 746 / 746FX / 748 Chipsets

1386k ZIP

Allows advanced performance Tweaking of SiS Chipsets
Source : Forum


A64 Tweaker
(Source : )
Package Date


Size / Type



01 Jul 2004

A64 Tweaker V0.2

249k ZIP

Powerful Utility for AMD Athlon64 integrated Memory Controller
allows extensive, "on the fly" modification of all RAM Parameters

28 Jul 2004

A64 Tweaker V0.31

233k ZIP

Bugfixed, Win2003 Server 64bit support added

30 Sep 2004

A64 Tweaker V0.6b

236k ZIP

Beta test Release with added Features


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Package Date


Size / Type



27 Jan 2004

CPU-Z V1.21

235k ZIP

Excellent, very detailled and reliable Analysis Tool!
CPU, Cache, AGP, RAM (Timings, SPD), Chipset Info

11 Apr 2004

CPU-Z V1.22

240k ZIP

more CPUs and DDR2 supported

16 Aug 2004

CPU-Z V1.23

250k ZIP

supports LGA775, new Athlon64 stepping, i915P/G & i925X Chipset

22 Sep 2004

CPU-Z V1.24

266k ZIP

supports PCI Express, AMD Sempron, new SPD timings Page

16 Nov 2004

CPU-Z V1.25

266k ZIP

supports NForce4, Pentium4J

06 Dec 2004

CPU-Z V1.26

268k ZIP

Bugfixed, PentiumM Vcore Display, Transmeta support

11 Feb 2005

CPU-Z V1.27

268k ZIP

added Pentium 4 6xx support

24 Apr 2005

CPU-Z V1.28.6

295k ZIP

supports SiS648FX, 649, 655FX, 655TX, 656; i955X;NForce4 SLI
Intel Pentium D, XE; AMD Turion, Opteron 252, Athlon64 X2

03 Jun 2005

CPU-Z V1.29

306k ZIP

improved Chipset support, supports latest CPU's

06 Aug 2005

CPU-Z V1.30

304k ZIP

supports new Sempron/Turion and Xeon Potomac/Pentium M 780,
SiS964/965/966 and ULi Chipset support added

09 Nov 2005

CPU-Z V1.31

350k ZIP

supports new ATI/NVidia and intel E7520 Chipsets,
support added for So939 Opteron, latest Pentium4/Xeon/PentiumM

06 Feb 2006

CPU-Z V1.32

367k ZIP

supports new Athlon64 FX-60, Core Solo/Duo and VIA C7 CPU's
i975X, i945GT Chpset support added

03 Mar 2006

CPU-Z V1.32.1

387k ZIP

support for PentiumD 925 and Pentium EE 965 added

31 May 2006

CPU-Z V1.34.1

418k ZIP

supports AMD AM2 CPU, EPP and FB-DIMM Memory

03 Oct 2006

CPU-Z V1.37

409k ZIP

supports Intel Core 2 Quad, Celeron 360, Mobile Core 2 Duo T5200
added VIA VT8237A southbridge support

22 Nov 2006

CPU-Z V1.38

416k ZIP

supports VIA P4M890, P4M900, NVidia 650i and 680i Chipsets
AMD Athlon 64 FX-7x, intel Core 2 Duo E6850, E6750, E6650

15 Feb 2007

CPU-Z V1.39

424k ZIP

Bugfixes, now works with Windows Vista 64
support added : VIA CX/VX700 Chipset, Merom XE

06 Jul 2007

CPU-Z V1.40.5

516k ZIP

support added : NForce560, AMD Athlon X2 BE-2xxx series,
SiS671, SiS968

04 Sep 2007

CPU-Z V1.41

500k ZIP

new CPU Voltage monitoring, support added :
intel Xeon Tigerton, IA64 Itanium/ Itanium 2 series,
AMD Phenom (initial), NVidia MCP73

24 Nov 2007

CPU-Z V1.42

519k ZIP

support added : intel Wolfdale/Yorkfield/Penryn CPU series,
AMD Phenom/Barcelona now fully supported
feature added : individual CPU Core selection

07 Jan 2008

CPU-Z V1.43

528k ZIP

support added : intel Skulltrail platform (QX9775 / MCH 5400B),
intel X48, AMD Athlon 64 LE-1600/1620
Bugfixed : unlocked AMD Phenom detection

08 Feb 2008

CPU-Z V1.44

516k ZIP

support added : VIA Isaiah CPU (initial),VIA C7-M/C7-D/Eden series,
NVidia 750i, 750a, 780a, 790i
Cache Latency Tool not included anymore, available

16 Feb 2008

CPU-Z V1.44.1

524k ZIP

support for new Validator
Bugfixed : AMD Phenom detection on Vista64


RM Clock
(Source : )
Package Date


Size / Type



23 Aug 2005

RM Clock V1.7

223k ZIP

Realtime Power Management on a broad range of supported CPU's
includes GUI, Statistics, Multi-CPU support, allows custom settings
(AMD Athlon or better / Intel Pentium II or better)

23 Sep 2005

RM Clock V1.8

212k ZIP


02 Mar 2006

RM Clock V2.05

262k ZIP

Supports intel Core Solo/Duo (Yonah), ICH7-M Southbridge,
Bugfixes for Dual Core Opteron / Athlon64 X2

22 Nov 2006

RM Clock V2.2

325k ZIP

Multiple features added, CPU Support extended

03 Apr 2007

RM Clock V2.25

498k ZIP

Bugfixes, new Features and CPU Support added

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